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From tree to glass on our own organic farm. 



We produce our complex organic cider with depth and integrity. The best organic apple varieties are chosen, that are stored in controlled atmosphere giving a flavor like no other cider. Our production facility and tasting room is on our own Certified Organic Farm (SunReal Organics)in Kelowna, BC where we are committed to environmental sustainability and biodiversity.  Not only do we use our own organic apples, but we also incorporate our own organic fruit and fruit from other farmers in the area. 

Isaac (the crazy farmer behind this all) has been farming organically since birth.  His parents came to Cawston BC with a dream and no farming experience.  They carved out a new counter culture movement that included the formation of SOOPA and COABC. His father, Billy, knew that something needed to be done to connect the organic growers with the consumer, so he started Cawston Cold Storage.  It is now the biggest organic fruit packing house in Canada, packing over 17million pounds of organic fruit per year.   Isaac started his own organic farm in Kelowna in 2010, and like his father, he had a vision for something bigger. 

The team at Upside Cider is proud and excited to present to you Kelowna's first Organic Cider. 

We hope you enjoy both the flavor and the authenticity. 



Swing in and sample some of our latest creations.  Flights are our specialty.  We have our own creations on tap as well as ciders from our friends....even some local beers and Kombucha.  Hungry? We have the best charcuterie  


Find us at local bars, restaurants and liquor stores.  

The best place in town to get organic food. We sell what we produce on our own farm as well as other organic farms in the valley.
Also see us for local cheeses, meats, bread and so much more...... 


2555 Gale Road, Kelowna BC

(off hwy 97 By the airport)

We would love to hear from you. 



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