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Deep roots, and a big commitment


The story of this cider began in Cawston in the late 1970s with Isaac's parents Billy and Lucy.  A group of people that wanted to cultivate a different life heard of some cheap land in this tiny town.  So they pooled their money and their resources and began to farm their land and carve out a life.  Billy's first job was working for Rick's dad. He was fired after only a few days work, and sent to go figure it out on his own.  "Bending over bins" was the way they packed their fruit for years.  They loaded up the trucks and drove them to Alberta to sell to hungry folks in small communities.  The organic movement was being created as a counter culture initiative in this tiny little town.  They knew they had to come up with a way to be able to sell their fruit to retail stores. The demand was there, but the infrastructure wasn't.  Cawston Cold Storage was started to connect the people with the farmer.  From a small broken down building with abandoned equipment, its now grown to host a large C/A (controlled atmosphere) storage facility along with modern packing equipment.  They help connect family farms with the consumer by packing out over 17 million pounds of organic fruit per year.

This is what makes our cider so special.  We use juice grade apples that come out of C/A storage.  A lot of juice apples aren't this high quality.  Juicing from a fresh and crisp apple gives the cider a clean and fresh taste that doesn't need much added.  Just simple, pure and organic.

Isaac started his Organic farm in Kelowna in 2010 with a vision of opening a fruit stand and a cidery.  9 years later the doors are opening and his dream is coming alive. 



Isaac is big, burley and is known for being able to get along with anyone.  He loves the outdoors, farming and sharing some good laughs over a pint.  He is the visionary, farm manager, cider maker, expert jar opener and reacher of things off of high shelves. Notice the paintings being mounted too high on the walls? You will get it after seeing this guy in person.


Rick grew up with Isaac in Cawston on a large second generation family farm.  You can find him in the back brewing up the cider and even in the bar pouring and chatting away.  Rick loves meeting new people, and hearing their stories.  If the place isn't too busy, don't be afraid to chat him up and get to know him a little better. He is a secret foodie and loves visiting new hot spots with great eats.


Jaye's passion for the organic movement is alive in everything she does.  She is the owner of Farm Bound (www.farmbound.ca) and also the Zero Waste store downtown (www.farmboundzerowaste.com)

Marketing is her gift and also making sure everything in the space is supporting local, building community and sustainable for the environment.  She also makes

sure Isaac and Rick don't blow up the place.


2555 Gale Road, Kelowna BC




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