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You have to be legal age to buy our cider.  In BC that is 19 years old.  Don't try any funny stuff, as Adam Sandler said, "you booze you lose sonny". 

If our cider is rotten or shows up smashed....please dry those tears of disappointment and let us know ASAP.  We will get you a replacement bottle in the blink of an eye.


If you just don't like it and want a refund....weeeellll you can guess how far that will go.  We know our cider is awesome so next time maybe try  something a little more safe, like a caramel apple crantini.  

Basically if its our fault we got you! If it's just not your jam, well you gave it a shot. 


We supply restaurants, bars, liquor stores and events.  

Full sized bottles, small sized bottles, cans and kegs we have you covered.  Get a hold of us and we will hook you up with a sweet deal and if you are lucky one of those awesome upside down tractor taps.


We won't sell or give your information to anyone.  Awesome people like you we want to keep to ourselves.

We will do our best not to get ridiculous with the spam, but if you get sick of us, just tell us to calm our jets or unsubscribe.

As for the safety, don't be an idiot and over do it.  We know our cider is the sweetest nectar to touch your lips in years, but for your safety and everyone around you, be an adult.  If you need adulting lessons please don't ask Isaac, he requires supervision at all times and is still practicing being a grown up.


If you drink just the right amount of our cider you might end up with some of the fondest memories and best laughs of your life.....but too much and you could end up waking up in the morning in a pool of regret smelling like broken dreams.  Please keep it under control.


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